Things to do in Porto de Galinhas

Rich in culture and boasting stunning natural beauty, with clear waters and a warm climate, Porto de Galinhas is a world-class holiday destination. Whether your idea of a great day involves exploring the village, diving and surfing, or simply lounging on the pristine, award-winning beach, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied. Browse our list of local attractions below, and contact us if you need more information!

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Hippocampus Project

Distance: 5,1 km From Hotel
Hyppocampus project

Seahorses are lovely animals, are not they? For here in Porto de Galinhas there is a special space, designed to protect and preserve them: the Hippocampus Project!

In addition to the seahorses, the space also has clown fish, morays, shrimps and lobsters, and monitors explaining a little more about each species. :) For those who come to Porto de Galinhas with children, it's a cool and educational tour! Http://

Surf and ride on Maracaípe

Distance: 7,7km From Hotel
Surfing in Maraca

Who comes to Porto de Galinhas has great tour options, and one of them is going to raft the Pontal de Maracaipe! Located within fews steps walking distance of Enotel, Maracaípe (also called Maraca Beach) is not only a beautiful place, is one of the most popular destinations for surfing in northeastern Brazil. Surfers from various countries visit every year this beach because it find the best waves of Pernambuco. A great choice for surfing in Porto de Galinhas! There is room to practice other sports such as Stand-Up Paddle, kitesurf and others. :) How about include in your route?

Enjoy a catamaran ride to the Santo Aleixo Island!

Distance: 23,3km From Hotel
Santo Aleixo Island

The Porto de Galinhas’ landscapes are lovely. A great suggestion is to do a catamaran ride to the Santo Aleixo Island, a very quiet and a place renowned for shipwrecks in its surroundings, attracting divers and tourists. A natural paradise that you simply need to know!

Raft ride to the natural pools

Distance: 3,5km From Hotel
Raft Ride

The rafts are registered trademarks here in Porto de Galinhas mixing blue sky and sea conditions. colorful rafts depart from the beach village and lead to huge natural pools formed at low tide, which are 200 meters from the coast and five minutes away. The diving is more interesting to take snorkel and mask for you to impress among the colorful fish. Usually rafts now offer the kit, including food to attract animals. Natural aquariums are surrounded reefs. We recommend wearing sandals style "crocs" during the tour - is the only way to avoid injuries in case step on corals and sea urchins.

Enotel Resort & Spa Porto de Galinhas

Exterior at Enotel Resort & Spa Porto de Galinhas Brazil

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